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Schedule a reminder in your phone, a . The list you create for the rest of your life can include: how to get the laundry done in the morning, what to do when your kids are at school, and what will happen for the next week (maybe I'll write a diary and just remind myself about what I have already done and what I need to finish.)  How much did it cost? The average cost for a house cleaning is an hour or approximately 2,250  in 2016. So, if you have 500,000/year in your savings account, you can clean your house for just one day (a little less if you have kids, they're expensive!)  But, this also is a great way to get out of debt when you do a house cleaning to get your house into  top condition in the first place. I'm working on my free e-book on Cleaning your own home. I.

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Dry the area. Clean. If you want to use this service, be sure to read the instructions and follow these safe, effective guidelines: Put toilet cleaner and a small amount of dish soap in a small box with rubber seals. Put dish soap at the top of your bathroom sink, so the soap will be used in the wash instead of on the glass. Never put the cleaning solution down the sink! Cleaning solution should be poured into shallow bowl and be allowed to sit on surface for 15 seconds. Never put the cleaning solution down the bathtub! Do not let the cleaning solution settle as it travels through your home or bathroom; rinse and repeat. If at any time you decide you don't like how the cleaning solution has worked (or not) or doesn't work well, don't use it! Just put all the containers in the trash. We.

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Quart size container or .

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You're Worth the Whole Mess! '. You can take the test here. Page 1 of 1 Laura and Alan Sister. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: All information provided on this website or on its websites should not be used for self-diagnosis, diagnosis of a person's health concern to determine whether the health concern is valid, nor for the purpose of developing a medical treatment plan with regard to such a person's health concern, nor for providing medical services. The information provided on this website does not provide the advice of, nor does it constitute endorsement of the product, company or service referenced by the information.